Crime-A-Billy has erupted from the great Pacific Northwest! Spawned like a crazed salmon in a river of whiskey and microbrew this CD swims against the currents of mainstream music. Your iPod may try but The Strange Tones and this new CD defy a quick and easy classification. Well schooled and respected in the blues scene, the band has created its own sound by blending blues, rock-a-billy, surf, swamp, R&B, and even a sonic tip of the hat to the likes of the hardboiled Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe. The result is a combustible one-of-a-kind album.

How could the band get away with breaking so many rules? They did it all themselves and have no boss, no capo to answer to. No one to track them down, to make them talk or to call in a debt owed. Created, recorded and produced in an undisclosed secure location, this CD literally comes straight from the band. It places the listener behind the closed doors, at the table, and makes them coconspirators to the project. There's Guitar Julie's maniacal guitar playing and gritty vocals at the head of the table. Suburban Slim's searing solos and soulful singing right by her side. And the doors are covered by the rhythm section of JD Huge and Andy Strange who lay a foundation as heavy as concrete galoshes. This outfit, notorious for their electrifying live performances, has captured on Crime-A-Billy the originality and raw energy that elevate the Strange Tones on the musical most wanted list. Add a special guest appearance by harmonica legend Paul deLay, and some haunting Hammond organ by Mike Walker and the plan is complete.