“The Strange Tones have their own unique flavor in music. Perhaps you can call it Blues Noir … this is going to be a favorite recording by the band for many years to come.” Cascade Blues Association President Greg Johnson

“With the exception of the grunge movement, some people don’t realize what a fertile breeding ground the northwest was and still is for great talent, sprouting such artists as Heart, The Wailers, The Sonics and Paul Revere and the Raiders, not to mention Jimi Hendrix. Well, you can count on The Strange Tones to keep the northwest’s rep solid.”  Elmore Magazine

“Since their debut back in 2001, the Strange Tones have gone from strength to strength, garnering deserved plaudits for 2005’s “Crime-A-Billy” and bagging a bunch of awards along the way. This culminated in this year’s induction into the Muddy Hall of Fame as Best Contemporary Blues Act (after winning the category for three straight years).”  Blues in Britain

“When Tarantino goes back to making movies about quirky outsiders on the run, the soundtrack to that howling film should consist of tracks from this release. With a perfect sense of humor, a healthy dose of self awareness, and the swagger of bands like the Cramps and alt country legends; X, The Strange Tones take music from the past and make it sound like it belongs, right here and now.” Next Big Thing

“With three outstanding CDs under its Crime-A-Billy belt, the Strange Tones have earned a place in the roots-music pantheon for not only their inspired original music, but for a tight stage show, sharp suits, cool guitars and vintage amps. No mere re-creationists, this band has fashioned its own sound.....”  The Oregonian

“Rockin’ bluesy-rootsy, double-agent tunes on a surfboard…one of Oregon’s best rock and blues bands.” Statesman Journal

“Crime-A-Billy....your music is absolutely awesome!”  FOX Channel 12, PDXposed host Jon Olson

“If The Strange Tones had been around at the same time Creedence Clearwater Revival had been at the top of the pops, they could have given The Fogerty brothers and company a run for their money. That’s because this Portland band is quite simply one of America’s best ever rock ‘n’ roll groups, period.”  Portland Tribune

“If the music industry made any sense, the Strange Tones—one of the toughest bands around, with a gal out front who can not only belt it with the best, but also shred on the telecaster would be stars themselves by now.” PETER DAMMANN, WATERFRONT BLUES FESTIVAL TALENT COORDINATOR

“This band has taken over their hometown of Portland like never before. The radio stations, the club owners and the blues fans all agree that the swing’n vintage sounds of this group will take them a long way.” EAGLE 106.5 FM

“Rarely does the musical industry see an ensemble representing the musical quality, personal integrity & soundness and promise of this group. They evidence many of the qualities for success and staying power typical of blues legends and are sure to find a place in the Blues Pantheon.” Richard Lazere Cascade Blues Association, Blues Notes 

“I’m in the cult man, I’m in the cult! Guitar Julie tell me when I drink the Kool-Aid!!! I’ve got eyes as big as pie plates behind this CD!” THAYRONE-X,BONE CONDUCTION MUSIC SHOW WAAM 1600 Ann Arbor, MI

“An impressive Strange Tones new albumn performed in the original way they have to combine blues with alternative rock, garage, R&B, or neo-rockabilly music. A compact well teamed band with a hard ‘punch’, so enjoyment is guaranteed for those of you who look for new forms and a different conception of black rooted music. A terrific record! GREAT!” LA HORA DEL BLUES, BARCELONA

“Ripping guitars, excellent vocals, catchy songwriting, and killer tone make “Crime-A-Billy” a great original CD and one not to miss!” BLOGGING THE BLUES

“...the band exudes an effortless and enviable sense of cool: vintage-suit cool, cheap sunglasses cool, sleep all day and twist all night cool.” PORTLAND TRIBUNE

“Crime-a-Billy is a richly entertaining album....great retro feel, whilst still sounding contemporary.”  BLUES IN BRITAIN MAGAZINE

“The Strange Tones are a fine funky band that plays rockin’ roots music with the fervor of true believers. Their sound is stripped of gratuitous flash because these guys know Jimmy Reed’s secret, that one note is better than a hundred, especially if it’s the perfect one.” THE OREGONIAN

“...the Strange Tones’ surf take on the Blazers theme is almost as sweet as the band’s synchronized dance moves.” Willamette Week

“Every song is a gem...The album is a tasty cohesive collection of tough, ready to romp tunes. Steller performances on all fronts and great song selections all wrapped up as only The Strange Tones can do it.” PORTLANDBLUES.COM

“Each performance is like boarding a runaway train racing you down the tracks, taking you on a wild, energetic ride into the future of the blues.” POSITIVELY ENTERTAINMENT

“Bluesy, rockin’, raw, gritty, and oh so cool!” TOM ADDIS, KMHD’S BLUES PALACE

“This band is on fire with some of the best original hip shakin’ wiggle centric music on the scene today!” THAYRONE-X, BONE CONDUCTION MUSIC SHOW WAAM 1600 Ann Arbor, MI

“Wow! This one has a great feel to it - sounds like it just came out of Austin, Texas.” CASCADE BLUES ASSOCIATION BLUES NOTES

“...este producto, editado por ellos mismos, nos deje un grato y buen sabor de boca. Su estilo es personal, original y las influencias que se intuyen desde el primer tema, van desde las ‘american-roots’, pasando por el cruce del blues con el surf y el r&b...bueno!” LA HORA DEL BLUES, BARCELONA

“Every note, every perfectly understated drum or guitar lick, every harmony, every honk of the harmonica, exists to further the songs.” THE OREGONIAN

“The Strange Tones turn in a rip roaring, label defying bunch of great tunes” PORTLAND BLUES.COM

“Fresh and vibrant. . . .‘Stink Bomb!’ is a real blast.“ BLUES ON STAGE, MINNEAPOLIS

“There are plenty of highlights as the Strange Tones consistently deliver the groceries on strolls, shuffles and sneaky instrumentals” PORTLAND TRIBUNE

“Best bass man I know.” SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS

“Crime-A-Billy may be their latest CD, but this music will live on to become classic Americana. This hard rockin’, surf-blues-a-billy ensemble, with their no-holds-barred attitude, takes us as their prisoners and there is no escape.” Portland Roots Music Project

“Here they come to save the day…The band combines the usual blues, country, and rock feel into a tightly controlled, expertly delivered package.” Eugene Weekly

“The Strange Tones take traditional blues, which they perform very well, and crank it up to another level with their own unique energetic sound.” Walla Walla Blues Society, Blues News

“The tough, sometimes in your face lyrical style of Julie Strange is punctuated by her own and Suburban Slim’s excellent guitar work.” The Washington Blues Society, Bluesletter

“From stage show to recordings and even their web presence and entire graphics presentation, this band is the complete package.” THE OREGONIAN

“This stellar quartet lays it all out on their new CD with 14 killer tracks…The striking vocals of Guitar Julie, who sound a whole bunch like the sultry Austin songstress, Lou Ann Barton, are incredible.” Cascade Blues Association, Blues Notes

“...the CD kicks ass...what a recording...great lyrics, sound and most important, attitude!!!” STEVE PRINGLE, HOST OF KMHD FRIDAY FREEWAY BLUES